Wedding Decoration

we will beside you to help you  every step.  More than the beautiful wedding decoration ,It"s our attention for your wedding dream. Our happiness is your smile

Why us

 Because we always focus every detail for your perfect moment and We would be beside you  for any consultation as our sister or brother


Our Gallery

 You are the most beautiful thing 

I keep.....

inside my heart



Khan Mak Procession

Traditional Thai Groom's

procession, All people must


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Chinese ceremony

The Tea  ceremony is a significant way for the bride and groom to pay respect and show their gratitude towards  their parents for all the years of nurture and love.

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Holy water pouring

The guests pour the holy water 

on to the newly wedding couple hands to wish them happiness.

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Chinese Modern style

our bride and groom is the architect and interior designer so they create  the concept with the chinese  modern style.

Start with their card that look modern with the peony red color of the hot foil stamp and plus more luxury by their name with the matte of hot foil stamp gold  color.